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Our achievements

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Proudly protecting the landscapes of the Peak District and South Yorkshire countryside since 1924.

From the very start we have championed the beauty and preservation of the countryside. Our tireless efforts have shaped many of the local landscapes we all cherish today, from the moorland tops to the urban edges.

Through her environmental campaigning, our founder, Ethel Haythorntwaite led public appeals to acquire land and protect green spaces from inappropriate development. This included much-loved areas such as the Longshaw Estate and Blacka Moor, which were gifted to the people of Sheffield so that they could be enjoyed freely by everyone.

Ethel’s belief in the countryside as a sanctuary for all, a place of peace and beauty to be cherished and safeguarded, remains a guiding principle of our work to this day. As a leading countryside charity, we stand for a countryside that enriches all of our lives, regenerates our wellbeing, and that we in turn regenerate, protect and celebrate.

We want everyone to experience the benefits of a thriving countryside, now and for generations to come.

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Use the map below to learn more about our work to protect and enhance the Peak District and South Yorkshire countryside, over the last century.

Sheffield Green Belt

In 1937 we surveyed land around Sheffield and submitted a plan for a Green Belt – England’s first. In 1938 our proposal was accepted by Sheffield City Council. In the north, south, east and west – farms, woods and moorland were ear-marked for the Sheffield Green Belt.

We continue to protect the Green Belt from inappropriate development so that people can enjoy a beautiful and thriving countryside.

Learn about the Green Belt