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Take Back the Tracks

Geoff Shoults

Take Back the Tracks

We campaign to stop people destroying land and disturbing tranquility with motorised vehicles, and to preserve routes for quiet enjoyment by foot, horse or bike. We’re lobbying for

  • the most sensitive routes to be closed to 4x4s, trail bikes and quad bikes
  • the police to take firmer action against illegal off-roading
  • innovative solutions such as developing dedicated, less sensitive areas for off-roading

Most off-roading happens on lanes and paths where cars and motorbikes should not have priority. There are various categories for different routes which can be confusing. Some are BOATs (Byways Open to All Traffic) and others are unclassified. Some off-roading is legal, but damaging; some off-roading is illegal.

Apart from ruining people’s quiet enjoyment of the countryside, off-roaders cause serious erosion and destroy precious wildlife areas, including some which are nationally and internationally important.

The Peak District National Park Authority issues permanent Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in order to ‘conserve nature and the quiet enjoyment of the wild landscape’. The bans exclude trail-bikes, quad-bikes and 4x4s but not wheelchairs or electric disability scooters.

All current TROs were issued following public consultations in which the Authority received thousands of responses, the majority supporting a vehicle ban in each case.

We are now seeking to ensure other threatened lanes are also managed in the same way.

Join our campaign to protect green lanes

We expect the off-roaders to protest against bans so the fight is not yet over. To continue campaigns like this we need more support from people who love and care about the Peak District countryside. We rely on voluntary donations.

Please support our appeal by making a donation to our work

What you can do

  • Get in touch if you are concerned about off-roading in a place that’s important to you
  • Write to or email the Peak District National Park Authority or Derbyshire County Council about off-roading
  • Report actual incidents of illegal off-roading to your local police (but make sure you don’t put yourself in any danger) on the non emergency phone number (101)

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Take Back the Tracks campaign so far. The National Park Authority is committed to work on 29 routes in the National Park and together, we need to send a clear message to the Authority that it needs to get tough on off-roaders.

We successfully campaigned for bans on Wetton, Jacob’s Ladder, Long Causeway, The Roych, Chapelgate, Washgate, Derby Lane at Monyash and Leys Lane at Great Longstone. Below is a list of lanes now in our sights:

  • Pin Dale – near Castleton
  • School Lane – Great Hucklow
  • Swan and Limer Rakes – Hollinsclough in the southwest peak

Absolutely FAB

We’ve been working with the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance – an action group against irresponsible off-roading in the Peak District, made up of local parishes and recreational users. This was formerly FAB (Forum for Ancient Byways) which was set up to bring together local parishes and communities affected by off-roading in and around the Hope Valley.

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Have a look at our off-roading policy for more information.