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Overhead power lines can spoil magnificent views and affect the character of historic villages

We’re working with the Peak District National Park Authority and local electricity companies to identify overhead power lines that are suitable for putting underground.


Look at the difference putting 2.5 kilometres of high voltage electricity cables between Perryfoot, Eldon Hill and Peak Forest underground alongside the road in Perrydale made. Electricy North West did this work in 2008 and the result is a real improvement to views of Mam Tor, Rushup Edge and Eldon Hill.

How you can help

We work in close partnership with Electricity North West, Northern Powergrid, Western Power and the Peak District National Park Authority to find the most suitable power lines to put underground. We need your help. Please tell us about other countryside and village locations that would be improved by having power lines placed underground. Contact Andy Tickle.

Other successes

Northern Powergrid (formerly Yorkshire Electricity), Electric Northwest and Western Power Distribution (formerly Central Networks) have completed schemes at

  • Blacka Moor (near Sheffield)
  • Hope
  • Rowland
  • Sheldon
  • Tissington
  • Tunstead (between Wardlow Mires and Litton)
  • Wheston (near Tideswell)

All the work is paid for using an allowance from the electricity regulator OFGEM. It provides money for electricity companies to put unsightly poles and wires underground in scenic areas like national parks. The need for the allowance was strongly supported by electricity customers and over £2 million has been allocated for the Peak District between 2010 – 2015.

We’re also concerned about siting phone masts in natural and sensitive landscapes – so the only fly in the ointment is that telephone wires are not covered by the scheme. We are trying to influence BT Openreach to get involved and do their bit.

To find out more, please get in touch with Andy Tickle.

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