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The Ethels

You’ve heard of the Munros in Scotland and the Lake District Wainwrights. Now there’s a new hill walking challenge for the summits of the Peak District – the ‘Ethels’!

The Ethels are all the Peak District hilltops over 400m above sea level. And some significant lower prominent hills that stand out in their own right. There are 95 in total – enough to keep the keenest hill walkers busy for many months to come.

And we’ve named them the Ethels. That’s in tribute to our charity’s founder, the pioneering environmentalist Ethel Haythornthwaite.

Join the challenge!

Join us for The Ethels Hill Walking Challenge – a tribute to our charity’s founder, the pioneering environmentalist Ethel Haythornthwaite.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, or just starting to explore the great outdoors, we encourage everyone to take part in this Centenary fundraising challenge. You’ll explore the hidden treasures of a beautiful, thriving countryside.

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Download the app to keep track of your progress

The smartphone app maps all 95 Ethels, and lists them by name with their height and grid reference.

They range from the 287m summit of Thorpe Cloud at the gateway to Dovedale in the limestone “White Peak” to the remote moorland summits of Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and Black Hill in the northern gritstone “Dark Peak” area.

The highest is the top of Kinder Scout, at 636m above sea level.

CPRE PDSY supporter Doug Colton came up with the ‘Ethels’ idea. Doug then worked with us to create the app named “Ethel Ready”. It can now be downloaded for both Apple and Android.

It includes a tick-list accumulator that allows you to work your way through the hills entirely at your own speed.

“Some people may want to join them all up in a very long run. Others might want to take it more steadily, ticking off just one or two a year,” said Tomo Thompson.