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Appeal launched with Friends of the Loxley Valley

Tomo Thompson
By Tomo Thompson
15th September 2020

We have launched a fundraising appeal alongside our campaign partners Friends of the Loxley Valley in order to fight plans for the Loxley valley township.

We are jointly appealing for donations to help us ensure local concerns are voiced effectively at a planning inquiry hearing early next year.

If you would like to donate, you can give money NOW using the online site GoFundMe:

Save Loxley Valley Appeal

The fighting fund will help us to employ professional planning experts that at the public planning inquiry next year. Developers Patrick Properties have appealed against Sheffield City Council’s refusal of planning permission (more details in this article).

The developers want to build up to 300 homes on the redundant Hepworth refractory works at the valley’s heart.

A Planning Inspector will hear their case at an inquiry beginning on Monday 12th April. The hearing is likely to be held online, and will last for an estimated ten days. Sheffield City Council will fight the appeal, arguing there were good grounds for refusing planning permission. We support the council, but we also want the Planning Inspector to be in no doubt about how strongly local people feel.

The more you give, the greater our chances of winning and defending the city’s democratic decision!

We believe that the Loxley valley deserves a better solution than unsustainable mass housing.

Please help us to save the Loxley valley.

Thank you !

In November 2020 – Patrick Properties registered their intent to appeal against the decision on the site. This will mean a complex and costly public inquiry would have to be held. CPRE would much prefer to see an alternative scheme come forward that protects and enhances the valley, is developed in conjunction with and supported by the local community, and fits with the Council’s newly announced vision for an environmentally sustainable city.
We are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Friends of the Loxley Valley, to support this campaign and provide advice and guidance – based on decades of experience – to a local community in need.
The development is the wrong development in the wrong place: ruining Sheffield’s precious door-step countryside and Green Belt, and doing little to address the climate emergency. It is no wonder it was so fiercely opposed by so many.
It’s been really heartening to see the local community, City councillors, MPs and local environmental groups come together to defeat this unwanted and unneeded housing scheme. Developers need to know they cannot run roughshod over local democracy. The planning system is there to protect countryside and communities from inappropriate development, which this was.