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Low Carbon Travel for Longdendale and Glossopdale – Full Report

Tom Quinn
By Tom Quinn
29th September 2022


Low Carbon Travel for Longdendale and Glossopdale

Summary of Report

Link to full report

The report provides detail on a robust sustainable alternative to the A57 Link Roads. It is a solution tailored to local needs; meets the strategic objectives of the A57 Link Roads; is feasible and deliverable; and provides a ‘very high’ value for money – for every pound invested the public purse gets a return of £4.99 using our central assumptions. It also avoids the adverse effects of the proposed A57 Link Roads and distributes benefits over a wide area, in particular bringing relief to other villages along the trunk route and to Glossopdale.

By comparison the A57 Link Roads would bring more traffic with worse congestion, rat running on local roads, increased road crashes, more noise and continuing air pollution throughout Glossopdale and through Hollingworth and Tintwistle. Only Hyde Road in Mottram and Woolley Lane in Hollingworth would experience relief from traffic.

Having been prematurely rejected through the options’ appraisal in 2014, Low Carbon Travel for Longdendale and Glossopdale requires full and proper testing before proceeding with the scheme.

Our solution, which would make door-to-door journeys by bus, foot or cycle a realistic, attractive and convenient option, includes:

· A weight restriction for heavy lorries on the A628 corridor, A57 Snake Pass and other cross-Park roads

· Slower speeds to make it safe and pleasant for walking and cycling

· Cycleway and footway improvements to create a coherent network for active travel and cargo-bikes, with links to Manchester’s Bee Network .

· Integrated bus and rail services, with improved services and electric buses