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Follow in Ethel’s Footsteps

29th February 2024

Follow in Ethel Haythornthwaite’s Footsteps: Discover the beauty of the Peak District, continue her legacy and take on an incredible challenge!

At CPRE Peak District and South Yorkshire, we firmly believe that the countryside is for everyone. Every day we work to promote, enhance and protect the Peak District and South Yorkshire countryside so that it can enjoyed by millions of people every year. As we celebrate our Centenary year, we are on a mission to encourage even more people to explore the breathtaking beauty and lesser known parts of Britain’s first National Park – the Peak District.

Inspired by our founder, we invite you to follow in the footsteps of the remarkable Ethel Haythornthwaite: the trailblazing environmentalist and pioneer of the countryside movement. Born in Sheffield, she was instrumental in developing a Green Belt around the city and designating the Peak District as the first National Park. Together with her husband Gerald, they campaigned to protect the Peak District and South Yorkshire countryside – saving areas such as Longshaw, Blacka Moor and Edale from development.

Take part in a Centenary fundraising challenge
The Peak District Boundary Walk and The ‘Ethels’ celebrate the remarkable legacy of Ethel, and our 100 years of work to protect the countryside. These epic walking challenges encourage individuals to embrace the outdoors and raise money to protect the green spaces and landscapes of the Peak District and South Yorkshire countryside.

Ethel dedicated her life to the protection of the countryside so that it could be a place of enjoyment and escapism for everyone. Every step you take will preserve the natural beauty of the countryside that Ethel Haythornthwaite fought so passionately to protect.

The Peak District Boundary Walk – 190 mile challenge
What makes this walk truly special is its historical significance. The route closely follows the original national park boundary proposal made by our founder, Ethel Haythornthwaite and her husband. You can choose to walk or run the challenge. The 190 mile walk stretches from the moorland tops of the South Pennines to the gentle limestone scenery of the Derbyshire Dales. The route embraces the urban edges of Sheffield and Oldham, as well as Staffordshire’s rugged moorland and the undulating slopes of Cheshire. You can complete the walk in stages or take on the challenge all in one go, it’s up to you! Find out more about the Peak District Boundary Walk Centenary fundraising challenge. 

The Peak District Ethels – the highest summits in the Peak District National Park
The Ethels are all the Peak District hilltops over 400m above sea level. With 95 ‘Ethels’ to bag you will cover the whole of the Peak District National Park taking in breathtaking views across the trigs, hills, tors and edges of the National Park. They were named in tribute to CPRE Peak District and South Yorkshire founder – Ethel Haythornthwaite. Download the ‘Ethel Ready’ App for a full list of the hills, including the height, grid reference and other information about the hills. Find out more about The Ethels Centenary Fundraising challenge.

Raise money!
By taking part in these walking challenges, you will have the opportunity to raise funds that will directly support initiatives aimed at preserving and enhancing the countryside. Together, we can make a real difference and ensure that future generations can enjoy a beautiful and thriving countryside.

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Whether you are a seasoned explorer or a first-time adventurer, these walking challenges are designed to be inclusive and suitable for everyone, regardless of their fitness level or prior hiking experience.

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